TEAELI for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafe’s

TEAELI offers tea solutions to food service businesses of all types, with a large range of teas available in various formats including pyramid tea bags, pot tea bag and loose tea blends.


With industry leading standards of flavor, character and freshness, TEAELI teas provide luxury and exceptional value to the food service segment.


Our revolutionary solid wood menu trays for restaurants & café’s transform the tea experience from the beginning to the end. The transparent, air tight canister’s offer the guest unparalleled connection to the very Tea they are ordering by allowing the guest to smell and examine each Tea on offer. This class leading product is an eye-catching presentation that delivery a great experience.


Extending a luxury tea experience to a hotel’s rooms and suites is also now possible with TEAELI’s “in-room” Tea Presenter that holds transparent canisters containing pyramid tea bags, configurable in a 4, 6 or 8 setup. With a purpose-designed selection of Tea blends of offer such as Relax, Sleep, Awaken and Detox, your guests are treated to a whole new world of Tea.

In-Room Tea Presenters

With industry-leading design, concept and quality, our tea presenters and the tea’s themselves re-define the “in-room” tea experience which has been compromised on for many years. But no more! With our affordable rates on pyramid tea bags, offering more luxury and comfort to your customers has never been this easy.

Our Tea bags are special!

Made of 100% biodegradable material, our pyramid shaped tea bags offer the capability to hold the finest quality whole leaves, never compromising on quality. This means that all the spices, chocolate, nuts, fruits and flowers get plenty of room to infuse in hot water, ultimately offering supreme taste.

About the In Room Presenter

Each presenter holds 4 metal canisters that offer a view into the tea’s that await. Each
can hold 3 or up to 5 tea bags. Re-fill packs are supplied to top up each canister during turn-down.

Choose from over 30 types of teas and create your own customized selection. A collection for deluxe rooms and another for suites? Perfect! Our range has all it takes to make no two rooms alike.

*terms and conditions apply.

Enveloped Tea bags for large Hotel Chains

TEAELI Premium Classics is an all-new range of premium enveloped tea offering classics such as English Breakfast and Pure Green Tea and new exciting blends such as Relax ( a naturally sweet infusion of green tea, licorice and lemongrass), Moroccan Mint Green Tea and Ginger Black Tea.


All these great teas are available at a cost effective price point with no compromise on quality.


The tea bags are designed with a double chamber to give a roomier environment for the tea leaves to brew in and our heat-sealed envelopes keep its contents fresh for a minimum period of two years.

Catering Packs, Storage & Accessories

TEAELI’s full range of Tea’s are offered in catering packs with a practical zip-lock feature to maintain maximum freshness.


Our catering packs are available in the following formats:

– Loose Leaf Catering Packs carrying 100g to 500g

– Pyramid Tea Bag Catering Packs carrying 50 to 100 tea bags

– Round Tea Bag Catering Packs carrying 50 to 100 tea bags


Elegant KILNER GLASS JARS provide safe and air-tight storage to make sure that all the freshness of our teas is retained.


Our mesh-ball strainers and Tea sticks provide easy and convenient brewing for loose leaf tea while our sand timers ensure that you get your brew right, every single time.